Lyrics YSN Flow – High From New York

I gave you my all again
Just for you to go and break my heart again
I can’t lie I been stressed out
And life getting hard again
And you said I wasn’t shit but look how much I did
I remember as a kid they told me
Roses are red
And violets are blue
I never wanted love but somehow fell in love with you
They told me roses are red
Violets are blue
And my heart is dead baby I’m such a fool
I get fu*ked up…
If you sipping lean or alcohol then hold yo cups up
Don’t get drunk no more, that liquor turn me into a drunk fu*k
Sit down roll my pain inside this wood then fill my lungs up
I hope this high last til’ the sun up

Hope you know I wish you well, even though you gave me hell
Hope you know I wish you well, even though you put me through hell
Sick of fu*kin’ groupie hoes, don’t know which ones gon’ kiss and tell
Had to kick a bitch out yesterday because of that fishy smell
Oops (ha) watch me ball, no hoops
Stuck to her no glue
We both cried to Juice then she play my tunes through the roof (Yeah)
Well that was back then I guess
Ever since, I’ve been depressed
I know I’m enough bitch why you me feeling less

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