Lyrics Young Devyn – How I Did It

Don’t know how I made it through but I’m so have I did it
If I listened to my oppas then by now I’d be finished
I got crossed to many times that I forgot I was Christian
Only thing this money change is how I’m livin
(Oh yeah)

It’s a lifestyle
People wanna be with me just cuz my lifestyle
I gotta pray up on my knees or lay my life down
The day I got up out the streets I changed my lifestyle (yeah)

Seen a 100 different reasons why I shouldn’t be breathin
But I lived to see another for a certain reason
I pray to God, to cut the grass because these serpents creepin
I beat the odds, and did some numbers, made it even

Gotta respect that
Don’t send ya mans Cuz he won’t get back
Live to see like 20 in my hood some kids ain’t felt that
System make it worse, plus these oppas is like a death trap
My foot is on they necks and they waiting for me to step back

I won’t and I promise you
Took my label money and invested in some stock and now my bread is like a comma group
Pull up to my hood wit the ceiling on astronomical
Gotta send a check if I acknowledge you

Ain’t no Givin up or Givin passes
My teachers use to tell me ain’t no future in yo path if you keep skipping all these classes
Now whatever they just made in a year, I pay in taxes
I risked it just to elevate my bracket

Never have I been a victim of no beef
And, never will I ever be a victim to these streets
Cuz my nana gettin sicker, Malachi he gotta eat
And all these things I had to do to make it out it shouldn’t teached

It’s like
I’m at a point of elevation but my lowest
When lil tina died it left me hopeless
I know that I was chosen out the bunch but time at times, I’m losin focus
It almost me stop but I was goated

Everybody got opinions and confusion
To my life and how I’m movin
I ain’t never get these calls before I got myself a Cuba
Started, breakin down the walls that’s from my past and walkin through em
Even if the weather change I’ll never fall, because I do this

I’mma big Dawg, I thought you that the last song
Shawty made a diss and promise it’ll be her last song
Hanging wit the people you steady dreamin to rap for
Made it from the muscle cuz I’m that strong

It ain’t easy
If I let you see my mind would you still be me
And everyday I pray to God that He would heal me
I know, in due time it’ll be easy yeah yeahh

My lifestyle in a rush
Don’t know when I’ll be comin home but I’ll make it up
Just hit me when you ready
Cuz baby I’ll ready
To let out all this anger but let’s keep it slow and steady
I Don’t know how

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