Lyrics YN Jay – FLINT FLOW

If bro don't sell me no Percs, then I'm takin' 'em
Ran off with a brick, told the plug I had a play for it
Had neph' knock his head off, that's how I paid for it
London Pound Cake in my 'Wood, that's my favorite
Head fire, plus the pussy good, I'ma wait for it
Spin the block with six K's, it look like a tornado hit
Purple jeans, drinkin' 'Tuss, on my Lakers shit
Fell asleep and woke up with an ended relationship
Pop a Perc 30, feelin' groovy like I'm Polly
Pop a nigga, then play the victim, get away scotch-free
A nigga robbed, you but shit ain't happen, boy, that is not beef
I gave a tester, shit was straight drop, he came and copped three
Ballin' on these niggas, take a break just for a second
The shit I come up with, they be like, "Wait, that's unexpected"
I got locked down, dude, you in my way, then I'ma check you
Take my gun everywhere, you gotta pay for some protection
Ri' told the world I'm up next, but y'all didn't believe it
She braggin' on that pussy, but you broke, how inconvenient
Foreign whip and I just caught a body out a Mitsubishi
Hell yeah, I cheated on my bitch for two different reasons

What's that look in your eyes? That ain't normal
I'm the nigga fightin' with the bull, call me Torro
I was probably somewhere in the hood when the store open
I'ma probably hop out at the gym, leave the door open
Servin' niggas quarter after quarter, put a stir on it
Cookie got a twist in the middle while stirrin' it
Told them young niggas don't kill 'em, I spare 'em
When them seals come from California, I be tearin' 'em
They wanna throw bullets back and forth, bro, I'm darin' 'em
I'ma put the Gucci on her body 'cause I'm splurgin'
I can see the coochie through the Gucci, now it's perfect
One time, I did the coochie wrong, I had burned it
I ain't like the channel I was on, so I turned it
I'm tryna heat the situation up, I brung a furnace
Four-five hit him in his gut, now he gurgin'
I knew this was the corner they be on, so I turned it
I don't like them niggas' music neither, so I turned it
My gun in my hand before I grabbed the knob to turn it
You can't buy respect around here, you gotta earn it

I'm a different nigga with the pape', I count the money backwards
When I drop, the internet glitch, feel like a fu*kin' hacker
Opps tried to pull up from behind, got me bustin' backwards
Fat nigga hate on Austin Powers, you a dirty bastard
Hellcat with the supercharge, sound like tornado warnings
I hope I enjoy this bitch pussy 'cause the head was boring
I just made it rain in the club, it look like it's storming
Wrap color of the— damn
Wrap color of the sunset, it look like the morning
I just dropped thirty on the opps, it look like I'm scoring
Hit twenty states in one month, it look like I'm touring
Call my yellow car Bumblebee, this bitch transforming
Car turn into a robot like Transformers
It's gon' be so many goddamn kids 'round this world if they stop abortions
Oh, you want these green Amiri jeans? You can not afford it
I just thought about a hard-ass bar, but did not record it
I got a bitch that I love, but she not important
I got a bad bitch from out the country, she just got deported
Catchin' plays in a Trailblazer, but I'm not in Portland
Why you catch a body on Live? Why you record it?
Post a video of a bitch shakin' ass on my page and got reported

Like how I get blocked on Instagram and, like, and YouTube?
Shit dumb as fu*k

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