Lyrics WSTRN – Daily Duppy

(Ayy, Mobz, that sounds wavy) Fire it up Clean it up (Ski, Ski) Ayy, we all scream H and Ku, true
Mashford, slap them youts (Slap that)
Let me show you how animals move, move
Headie with the golden boot (Boom)
Bronem slap out, them man best tap out
None of us don't call truce (No)
I heard their ting's chunky, we get dumpy
Fat like Majin Buu (Muh)
And he's been bun, and he's been bun
So tell me, what's all this wass? (What's that?)
Chop that down, it's way too long
We call it Chan Kardash (Sorry, babe)
Baby, does your boyfriend know that you're still lovin' man? (Ha)
And if I didn't go jail in '019, then I woulda had a mil, that's facts
Kweff them, kweff them
Loski's never left his bredren (Nope)
When my bro got touched, I went on a mad ting
Forget it
I'm Big Ski, risky, get drenching
You ain't ever had shank fights like fencing (Nope)
Doubt it highly, them man pretending
You ain't ever let that sing like WSTRN (Muh, muh)
He can't hang, waps like Fekky, bu-bu-bang
I'm in the field like Anglo-Saxon
Rap, drill rap, last year a fan
Wait, do jail, do home and the shit gets boring (Boring)
In the cell and the money keeps calling (Calling)
They all know that bass is enormous
Still confused 'cause shhh are coastin'
Moncler with Amiri drops
Dior tops, the gyal love that pep
I love TJ, A1, some steppers
Shouts 22, my goon, that's pepper
Know my man, his wash been bled out (Wash)
Trying, they're fed up
I don't know what's wrong with his legs
Some wheelchair youts in jail get pressure (Wheel it)
Bare free smoke, can't fuck Sharni
Cah the girl might boast
'016, used to jeet and toast
Then go back ends, see how big man flow (Back then)
Me and A in O
Had Chatham on ropes
Of course it's sold (OT)
Missed my Mum and she didn't know
Fuck it, man are just FaceTime hoes ('Nuff ones)
I'm tryna better myself
He got bun, better better himself (Muh)
Lost bro first time he took an L
I don't wear Gucci, it look better on girls
Bro came home and he went off the rails
With a whoosh, it's hell (Muh)
Snow in '015, he probably took your pack
It was probably in Wells (Ski)

Clean it up
(Swans, muh)
(Yo, on my mama, that **** hard, Dizzy)
Live one

Got touched and no one stepped
Stress, lookin' at your friends all awkward (Jailbait)
Got honeys on me, too gorgeous (Leng, leng)
A Sav, ZK's enormous (Long)
'013 when I first went country (Kway)
Turn a pack to cash and skate (Run out)
'014, they gave me a shotgun (Long)
Take the dot-dot off lane (Off lane)
'015, then I got locked (Locked)
And they brought Harlem to the K (KK)
'016, done it in Giuseppe ('16)
'017, done it in BAPE ('17)
'018, done it with Mashford
See risky, G got eight (Risky)
Unknown driver too
See Ski, demon go cray (Cray)
K-E-N-N-Y (Y)
Reckless, Wellington times (Welington)
I got hookers on me, no bulletproof weave
She pissed if they let that fly (Muh)
Two cartridge burst and it melts
Big man fuck up himself
I never had no high school beef
I was in that T tryna hit them sales
In war, made Chan Kardash go back
And everyone run like girls (Run off)
Take that L but made it back, I must be talkin' bells
And he got ying, and he got ying
Broski done up, what else? (What else?)
They're fly like Peter Pan, I think someone's talking tales
Yard man ting, Popcaan on dem
Bare rap cap, track, track, they're gems
Autos, two litres and kwengs (Two-twos)
Broski my ski-ski, no friends (No friends)
My double S don't splash and brag it (Nope)
If Ski say he done it then he done it
I hate gyal that's rude and butters
Got **** screaming out "Lock it"

How can a gyal be dead and rude? (Dead one)
Free bro, he's shamble youts (Free bro)
Cool kicks on my Dior, new (Cool kicks)
Four packs, tryna hear it boot
How can a gyal be dead and rude? (Dead one)
Free bro, he's shamble youts (Free bro)
Cool kicks on my Dior, new (Cool kicks)
Four packs, tryna hear it boot

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