Lyrics Wiz Khalifa – Intro

With the hunger of Chris Wallace back in '94
I like to welcome y'all to rock with Peachie's youngest boy
From the bottom of the pot, yeah the Pitts of the Burgh
With kids on the curb, and small time, is pitching the herb
I'm back, and for those who previously didn't know what I'm crack
To the people, I'm legalized the lethal
We all got problems involving the root of evil
But they caught me non-dodging, long arming the people, yup!
And for the record, I ain't no half stepper
I rose from the city of steel, the streets greedy for real
Cats chasing their paper, that's basic
Mathematics, hate to run the streets but took a staff at it
As I look back at hard it seems
I remember when this music thing was all but a dream
But I'm here for my city
And can't name no one that's near f*cking with me
I'm 'bout to make history

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