Lyrics Wiz Khalifa – Flickin' Ashes

Swisher Sweets, no Phillies
Me I'm riding clean, smoking good, can barely keep my eyes open
Listening to my favorite song, leaning in my ride chokin'
Tell my dog to hit this weed, feel like I'm finna pass out
Thought I had exclusive trees, until he pulled his bag out
Had bout a half ounce, some shit I've never seen in life
Said that once he grabbed it, smelled so bad he had to bag it twice
I told him roll that shit up, this weed I had to light
These clowns somewhere in the clouds, me I'm a satellite
I roll them very nice, with smoke coming out the end like a muffler
Got game from the Hustla, never said I'm gon' quit
I can't get enough of good weed in my lungs, plus I'm sharin' I ain't cuffin'
My eyes wide shut, I'm just staring saying nothing
I flick ashes, got big staus, so I don't need a dime, I got big baggage, bitch
Yeah I blow it by the zip, anywhere I go it's on the road on every trip
Ask my Nini, love her grandson but she know that I'm a trip
Got my habit from Ms. Peachy smoking roaches getting lit
Now I fill my blunts with so much weed they say "that all ain't gon' fit"
On some highly grown shit, with a Hollywood bitch
Got the sweetest purple kush in a precisely rolled spliff
High as John in Pulp Fic' on the way to see Marcellus
Girl I'm in another world, and Chevy got another twirl
For those who don't know he got that roll game
And I ain't gon' lie, he the reason why I got my roll game
I feel like I'm soul plane, I smoked the whole thang, pound or oz
Kush fiend, purple master OG
(Yea that's a little bit of kush talk for y'all niggas who might not comprehend)
And every nigga that grow weed should know me
My leather so soft, my Swisher so sweet bitch

Ya, this Young Khalifa man
Mr. blow it by the iddo, yup
And I've been state to state man, from here to there
Smoke the best of the best, you know?
So don't come runnin' up on me talkin' bout your good ass weed my nigga
I don't give a f*ck
I got some good shit right here, yea
What up Chevy
All my niggas that smoke good you know who you are
Bobay the Hustler, what up Po Ron, Yak, Chueno
(?) the Kid, Lavish, cabbage
What up Blaze, Reese Murray, you know I gotta say Og
Houser, KU, Wako, What up
All my niggas that blow it down man
We be in every state man, heavy wit' it
Even all my niggas that can't smoke
What up Stevie, What up Lyte
Imma twist 3 up for you, yea
We get dumb stupid ass high over here man
Y'all niggas smokin garbage
I'm rollin' me a whole week's worth in one blunt, you know?
And that's just to get a little high
I'm smokin' all day, I been, uh
I was is in Portland, Oregon right
And I buy big zips of this shit, you know what I'm sayin'
Like, i don't be coppin' little, low, or none of that
And this bag of weed was purple, like, real purple kush
Shoutout to all my niggas in The Bay that know about them grapes
We're smokin' grapes out there, and it was great
I'll be in Cali
OG Kush, Master Kush
Purple Kush, Mega Kush
Super Silver
These sound like comic book names, man
Shit ya'll niggas can't get y'all hands on
I be higher than a bitch
I be focused though, you know
Lot of ya'll niggas would go broke tryin to do this shit
Ay Chevy, roll another one up man
Chevy got that roll game ya'll niggas don't even know about
Kick your whole chest back, like uh, uh, a monkey punch, yea

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