Lyrics Wiz Khalifa – Bankroll

Blowin' on this ray, spitting game to these hoes
Money ain't a thing cause I got paper to blow
I'm heavy in the game it ain't a thing to a pro
Baby I'm a star and you already know, that I'm getting bankroll

(Yeah) See me I was cheifin' on my reefer getting blowed
In my home alone that's when Sledgren hit my phone
He said Wizzle what you doing
I said we should hit the club
I could swing through and grab Motor, cuh you just hit Lonnie up
Then I jumped in the shower, took me bout an hour
Smoked a blunt of ray and put on my star power
All black Chuck Tays, some Armani frames
15 carats in my chain bitch I'm heavy in the game
In my truck I'm switching lanes, feel that beat off in my trunk
I'm smokin' Mary Wayne
I speed off to the hood and we gone roll about 10 blunts 'fore I'm ready
I'm spending all this cash up tonite, if you let me

I tap my horn once, I tap again
This nigga must not hear me, I 'ooowop' he let me in
I meet up with my mens, then dip out to the spot
The whole Khalifa gang, 10 cars deep off in the lot
You be off in the front, we creepin' thru the back
And we gon' blow some stacks, them hoes ain't know how to act
No I.D. I'm underage but far from underpaid
I'm fresh to death, stay fly until I'm sleep off in a grave
You got them hoes you f*ck with groupies that I used to know
Say you gettin' money man, now money's what I choose to blow
Finna pop some bottles, scream I'm through
Came to shut the club down
So make some room, I'm...

Now we in the club, hear the DJ scream my name
He shout out Heavy Hustle cause the DJ know my gang
I'm standin' on the couch in V.I.P. I swing my chain
The DJ play my song, I throw my cheese and go insane
And I got what they need, they come and shake it for a boss
These hoes just out here choosin' homie take it as a lost
Sweat comin' out my pores this Patron got me heated
Security know what it is with me, I'm gettin' weeded
The hoes say I'm conceited. Niggas say I'm a fool
My chain is f*ckin' freezey, this shit is kinda cool
And I'm the kind of dude to walk behind your boo, tell her f*ck ya man, I'm the man what you tryna' do

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