Lyrics TOLEDO – How It Ends

the lights of Virginia
are too bright to stand
so she's walking home
with a new life in her hands

past the dead end streets
and run down plans
she's got a good one
to follow a man

she swears that he's different
he's not like the rest
he sings in the kitchen
he's good with the kids

a few good years then it starts to hit
she put it all in but he's calling it quits

so i've given up on believing
that everybody gets a chance
and i don't understand
why she does it to herself
when she knows how it ends

still i wouldn't trade it
this thing that we do
just know
it's a feeling that i never knew

i'm slow
but you're patiently walking me through
when we talk
in the dark of your room

i try to be in it
and cry, but i can't
you just cut me open
saying that's what i am

i'm betting my fate on a line in your hand
it finally feels like a good place to land

but i've grown up on the feeling
of falling to my knees again
so i don't understand
why we do it to ourselves
when we know how it ends

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