Lyrics TAINTED – The Modern Plague

I’d tell you what I’ll do in a room alone with you.
Sick f*ck low life sum bag
Gouge your eyes out with a spoon and pour acid on the wound
The world may forgive you but the devil will not
There’s a special place in the depths of hell for you
I’ll watch you burn

(Why do you see the world in such distorted hues
The world is ugly in black greys and blues)
I know what runs through your blood
Who will cry for you when you’re gone
These wounds will never heal  
This is the modern plague

I saw you in a dream and you weren’t at peace
Your time is near so the rest of your days will be lived in fear

Don’t go running your mouth
The devils eyes are watching you
I can’t take it anymore
Falling deeper into darkness

I feel the rage growing inside me until the day you die
There’s no where for you to run

I’m not a bad person but I prey for your demise
I’m not a bad person but I prey karma eats you alive
I’m not a bad person but maybe that’s a lie
I’m not a bad person but you deserve to die

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