Lyrics Santana – Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)

I remember like it's yesteday  
The song we used to sing                
What was it's name?  
Danced together till the break of day          
And i knew i'd never be the same .... ....

Now so many winters turned to spring 
But where  is the love that it hougt they would bring  
Sit and  think about  that  girl from spain  
And how we used to sing .........
Lalal alalala ....l ...... europa

London, amsterdam and gay paris 
Do n't mean that much to me, they're all  the  same
Now so many years have  passed me by 
And still i long  for thats weet  spanish   sky
Sènorita do you think of me  and of this melody 

A box of letters and a photograph 
Are all that's left to keep our memory

Sometimes, i swear that i can hear you laugh 
Like a ghost of what could never be                          
At night i will look across the sea
 And wonder if you could be looking at  me

The ocean haunts me like a symphony that plays our melody

Lalalal alala.. la.... la.... la...... europa

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