Lyrics Samara Joy – Nostalgia (The Day I Knew)

Nostalgia hit me as I recall the day I knew that I loved you
You passed me by on a starry night
How could I forget, you were stunning
A vision of perfection, heaven's very essence
That you were, a shining star to me
The way you smiled was a work of art you wouldn't believe how it thrilled me
We used to talk on the phone 'til three, it made my mother so angry
And when we shared our first dance underneath the moon and starlit sky
I knew that you were mine
I figured after all this time and all these years together all the memories fade,
That you would be tired by now
It should have grown dull or stagnant
But with each passing day there's never a moment I regret saying “Hello miss
How you doin', I would like to know you.”
You brushed me off immediately, gave me the coldest shoulder I've ever received
Which made me want to get to know you even more
That's when I ran into you at the bookstore, your hair pinned back while listening to music
I said “Fats make your move now before it's too late! Don't let her get away, be brave”
And then I said, “Darlin', if you'll just give me a chance
I'll treat you like a queen, my whole world is yours”
That was fifty years ago today, despite the ups and downs I wouldn't change a thing
It's hard to think of my life without you, I don't think I'd make it
You're my anchor through every storm that's ever come my way
And I'm not just talkin', I mean what I say
If you don't believe me I'll just have to spend the rest of my entire life
Showing how much you mean to me
I'll sing, I'll dance, I'll shout it from the highest mountaintop
All this to say that, I'm still so in love with you.
Nostalgia hit me as I recall the day I knew that I loved you
And now the feelings are just as strong as when I first laid eyes on you
A vision of perfection, heaven's very essence
I believe you're all I'll ever need
Long as I live I'll love you for all eternity
And I'm so glad you chose me

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