Lyrics Parasitic Ejaculation – Slow Torture Puke Chamber

Bile fills the chamber
They suffocate on
The puke that they spat up

Flesh decaying into one another
Kidnap victims, your dad and mother
Violently gagging in a vat of vomit
Force fed molding rancid dog shit

Limbs chained to walls their screams adorn my
Ears as i feel their tumultuous
I ravel in mirth
Satisfying sadistic urges

The pungent smells make my cock ache
Lubed in puke, i masturbate

Bloated bodies, putrid soup bubbling
Seeping entrails suffocate slowly
Crawling vermin deep inside feasting on
Rotting organs

Appeasing my emetophilia
Inside my slow torture puke chamber
Gag myself on amputee phallacies
Spewing chunks brings me to climax

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