Lyrics Money Man – Armed, Dangerous

Yeah I'm armed & dangerous
We make niggas famous
Bitches lose they mind and start undressing when we show up places
Don't talk too much bae, just get naked
You smellin' good, I like your fragrance
And got some braces, I just copped her a diamond anklet
On Pluto, this shit taste amazing
I count up racks, I'm calculated
Niggas touch my hair up on my head his ass deceased
I told cuz go get the ladies cause they just customized my seats
I could never sell my soul
No bitch my spirit ain't for sale
Try and leave me and I swear it's going to be an epic fail
He wanted smoke and got impaled
She want the D, I could tell
She rock Balenci and Chanel
I rock this blicky if he act stupid
Either way I'm havin' M's
You think I give a fu*k about music
On lung candy this shit therapeutic
I turn my phone off hit the studio I'm rappin'
I put in work this shit was gruelin'
She talk me down that shit was soothin'
I appreciate it I really needed that
No way she smart, her ass was fat
That jailbreak there will leave a scat
Ghazi stopped the show [?] and handed me a plaque
I had sauce they wasn't tryin' to grasp it
They broke as shit, they anti-vaxxin
My life is real, no animation
All them long nights was excruciating
I'm livin' like Pablo
I feel like El Chapo
TR red seats
Black and red like El Dorado
Lil mama tryna push up on me, have a lil come up
Catch a sale, Jaylen Watson
Ain't exotic, that shit was off
I could never get on my knees and beg and grovel
Pick one we can shoot or squabble
That blick make niggas get up off me
Scammin' in some off white
It's BC life or no life

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