Lyrics MNMLST – Destroy.

I want to stand up
With nowhere to stand
We're left destroying ourselves
In a place with a bitter unknown
I feel isolated in a world that's plated in gold
Trying to succeed in a place with no end in sight
I slowly start to lose my mind
(I slowly start to lose my mind)
One day at a time
Deranged, there's beauty in the eyes of the beholder
Petals falling, our days have passed we grew into something that cannot last
Manufactured by machines
Connected cog by the ones with greed
A spark that grew into a flame
A fire that can't be tamed
We're left with nothing but our shirt on our back
We fill their pockets with the time from our lives we lack
But don't you worry about the ones who are better off
(Because they'll leave you behind)
Because without their pockets full
We'd all live consciously
Self control and conscience minds
Trying to keep our lives on track
Discrimination due to the color of a man's skin
Led to die by the hands of another's sin
Who swore to protect and serve his fellow man
Drunk on power in part of his racist plan
We walk the streets with a blaze blinding like the sun
Echoed by the sounds of a shooting gun
We stand,
We stand by and watch as the world starts to burn
We stand,
We stand by and watch as our world is destroyed.

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