Lyrics Matteo – Bee Bop

She gets my groove on
From 6 in the mownin’
Girl thirsty jumps upon
Just like dat, no warnin’
Lady in da streets,
Be beast in sheets, yeap! Transformin’
Omg! she’s ridin’ me, she’s all on me
No talkin’!
Come on, just cum on me to start over, she said
In and out, inside out this of her. Baby’s so wap
She let’s me put it in, slide it in however da fu*k i want
Gold fish, ‘cuz she meets every dirty thing in my nasty thoughts
She loves to get dressed
This bitch is into role play
She nuh wasting time, no
Jumps in with no delayin’
When she be on the cam
Loves to do all those nasty things
Oh she be doing all them trick and all them flicks and all them licks
Her Tik Toks blowin’ sky up
On insta she the bad ass
She the bad ass with that fat ass
Posting from every palace
From Dubai, to Mumbai and last night form Paris
From only fu*king fans she got that louie bag
From only fu*kin’ you she popin’ those tags

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