Lyrics LUCKI – WHITE HOUSE (feat. Babyface Ray)

(Ayy, Space, yeah, you know this shit—)
(I just need my space right now)

I'm thinkin' 'bout changin' the culture
Takin' the sauce, then hidin' from vultures
Five-star, take it to the bitch like a office
Labels, they heard, can't make me a offer
They say that they saw me
Peepin', they watchin', they lookin'
Stop with the gangs, you a rookie
Foreigns, I'm pushin'
Lean back, play with her pussy (Ayy, ayy)
Can't keep the cup on the top

Told her I love her, but I'm not with settlin', probably repetitive
Protectin' my energy
That Quagen my remedy, I'm thinkin' God gave me drugs, he protectin' my enemies
I gave her money, I hope she forgive me
'Til I'm in her city
I fuck up and take a ho right in the back of a HEMI, still curvin' a rookie
I'm really fightin' them demons, still sick of them 30s, but I'm still gon' fuck with the 20s
They tell me these niggas been pressin' around with the stretcher, but I get my shit from my auntie
Game from my uncle, fuck is a L?
Get Ws, flip it around, get money
She ate like a dog, she know that I'm coming (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
I'm sunny, big choppa squeeze, it's a youngin (Ayy)
I keep on sinnin' myself 'cause I'm bad at listening
Post my cup, probably bad for building
I be thinkin' everything niggas say cap
Rookie ass ho selling out for a app
Gettin' high with Macks, say, "Really miss Act"
Nigga want a play and they made him stack
City too crazy, fake it for rap

You're in the club, Kevin's in the club, how cool is it after all he's been through [?] scored twenty nine?
Uh, I'm just planning—

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