Lyrics Lady XO – Loot Freestyle

Yeah, what? Huh
Ayy, ayy (Run it up, Lil' Chris)
Get it started
What? Yeah

Lemme get it started, any bitch who say
"I'm not that want my life, no, I ain't lyin'" (Ain't lying)
Try to be humble, but I'm saucing
Don't you tell me keep it mild (Mild)
You could hate from over there
But get too close, then shit get wild (Yeah)
She thought she was being funny
I put her face against the tile (Against the tile)
Won't see me post a stack, but I keep blues in single file
And my baby lay it down, I swear to God, we go for hours
He gon' ask me how I do it, I got superpowers (Yeah)
Think I care bout where he from, my goofy ass say this Chicago (Ha)
I still feel like we the ones who they was really tryna follow (Yeah)
Shit on sight for real
Hope you think that shit wasn't some drama
On my granny we gon' slide
You thought I was gon' say momma (Bitch)
Yeah, I be skipping to the loot (To the loot)
On the beat (Ayy), put my ass on loop (Yeah)
Yeah, he fu*k with me instead of you (Ooh)
Why? Because I'm lowkey how I move

Y'all need to come catch up this time, I'm not talkin' bout heinz (Yeah)
Every problem got solutions and that's why I clutch a nine
If I tried to show you love and you close eyes, then nevermind (Nevermind)
Don't hit me 'less you talking money, bitch, pay for my time
Ain't cocky maybe kinda, but it's cuz I'm in my prime
Your mans he comment on my shit just to remind me I'm a dime
Want the lobster with the steak, if that's the case I'm tryna dine
Do the dash because he boring, not my type at least you tried (Ha, ha)
My mouth be hella slick but we do walkups in this bitch (Yeah)
You could talk all of that shit but when you shoot it always miss (It always miss)
You be mad because the shoes fit tryna beef this not a diss
I ain't never scared of shit bitch I'ma wear it on my wrist
He got the hint when we had sent it, but that was just the jist of it
Caught him lacking cuz he told he can't finish his sentences (Ah)
All this work I'm losing energy I had to go replenish it
Money make me wet, I swear to God, I got a fetish shit

Let 'em come, it ain't no pressure, if it's that I'm quick to step
I'm that bitch, if it's an L, in no time I'ma get it back
I ain't never held my hand out while I'm fu*ked up that's a fact (That's a fact)
You could say that this ain't that, we know it's cap, they just be chatting
Said he tryna split a bag, that's what I'm on, I told him bet
I'm a boss ain't gotta finesse, ain't playing checkers, 'cuz it's chess
You thought I was crazy when I went and made that move out west
I'ma hustle, do I even gotta say it ever since
Wh-why the fu*k you try to play me when you knowing that I'm blessed
Hate it when they act so friendly, tell 'em no and now they pressed
Be direct if you gon' say it, better say it with your chest
Put that pen in my right hand, shit, I just feel like I'm the best

Yeah, uh
I just feel like I'm the best
Uh-huh, yeah
(Ru-ru-run it up, Lil' Chris)

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