Lyrics J-SoL – Introlude

Tell me why I love ya
I wanna know
cut all of my homies
they say that i’m stupid
for not letting you go
oh man i’m addicted
i’m trapped up in your love girl
your fictional love girl

[Watch out lil bitch]
She treat me like a paigon
a fu*k boy if you say that
I know she be bluffing
cos she tell me that she love me,
but her action never say that
I’m tempted to leave
but shanty road head on fleek
and her sex game crazy make a n**** wanna take loss
blame everything on me

Baby baby,
tell me what i gotta do
to make you love,
to make you feel the way I do
don’t tell me, tell me
when you’re playing me
cos I don’t wanna see
I don’t wanna know.

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