Lyrics GLOSSER – Movies

Sitting in the silence never let me get too close
Images of us in the night run across the window 
Like a movie
The saddest scene
Of you and me 
The burnouts and the artists
The exclusive little parties
I find myself latching to their charm
Bitter cold of smoke breaks 
The moment where our gaze meets
The warmth of liquor buzzing in our throats
Going to a show just to get lost in the dark
I still see snow on the ground from that night in the park
The band plays under strobe lights
Our skin like liquid moonlight 
See it's not that hard
Wandering through gardens 
Statues of mermaids haunt my thoughts
Glitter on our eyelids and shimmering of summer flush
Running through a maze of love we had and lost
Time burns away
It never stops
The highest cost
Leaving home just to circle the block
In a web of regret not knowing how you got caught 
This painting is all I see 
The world moves on but not me
Speared to this part
The movie keeps on playing
Its characters and lines I know by heart

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