Lyrics Gareth Emery – Where Do We Go From Here

It's getting dark, and we've reached the end
We've come a long way together, you and me
But I'm looking at all the colors in the sky
As the sun is setting over the horizon
And I'm feeling like
This is the end of an era
The end of an old era, and the beginning of a new one
And that's OK
So be in the now
Feel the last touch of light as the world turns again
Sense the cold chill of the wind against your skin
Watch the lasers dancing through smoke on a stage far away
Feel the bass, racing across the desert night
Tonight is tonight
And tomorrow, we'll wake up and ask each other:
Where do we go from here?

Tonight though, it's you and me
We're going live in the moment
Experience the now
Forget fear, forget politics
Life isn't life when you're terrified of death
And death is the one thing that's guaranteed for us all
So we're gonna live
We're going to jump off cliffs into oceans
Take planes to faraway places
Find friends, new lovers
Stay up late talking shit about everything and nothing
Follow the music, wherever it takes us
Because tonight is tonight
And tomorrow, we can decide:
Where do we go from here?

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