Lyrics FIVI – WAR

Bally on quick can't roll with no bitch,
So I put on my hood
Bally on quick can't roll with no bitch,
so I put on my hood

Bally on quick can't roll wit no bitch,
Don't trust these Pussy's so I put on my hood
Opps want me dead, They're like Fivi don't lack
I stay strapped with a blick so I wish that I could
Think you' gangster? All that talk on the net
Till we kick down your door and just leave your mum shook
Evil thoughts, I'm just addicted to violence I copped me a gun but I still use that jugg

They don't spin no blocks man them boys right there they cap way too much
Then they jump in the booth,
And cap in their raps,
Like cunt who the fu*k have you touched?
Running through traps man they don't give no fu*ks
I was locked in the cage they were running a muck
Aye spin the block I think I seen an opp
Where you from lil bitch?
No you ain't one of us

N***** talking like they're wit it,
Send your addy and I bet imma spin it
They be the ones rapping bout guns they ain't got, just send your drop bitch and I'll bring it
Pass me the strap trynna pay em a visit
Can't break the code, snitchk these n***** don't get it
Put it to his top next time he lack,
His girl set him up, well shoutout Bridget

Hit up lil stee for that pack
Still smoking Mthang I swear to god that shit ain't cap
Scoring points like Shaq
The opps don't play defence whenever we fu*king attack
Fu*k all the clout bitch we do it for Gak
Keep the blick tucked, keep that shit in my dacks
Bitch on my line she keep hitting me up
She like Fivi do you love me? I just wanna tap

Call up Demunni, jump out wit extensions
 Let the clip sing all up in 1-direction
Opps on my dick but I don't give attention
Last opp that I
Had me stuck in detention
Packing that blade, you can't fu*k wit my section
It sticks out my pants and I ain't talking erection
Called me a rapper who the fu*k is he testing?
Luka pulled a hammer and taught him a lesson

Tell KBS suck a dick
Aye spin back who the fu*k is this bitch?
Load it up bitch and tell him eat this clip
I keep a Cannon bitch but I ain't getting Nicked
Too many opps but they can all get blicked
Don't even know you just stay out the mix
N***** be acting like they can't get hit If you diss then congrats bitch you just made the list

Whole gang investing in em guns
.9 or the .22, get you bunned
Catch an opp boy and we're hawking him down now his mum traumatised, where the fu*k is my son?
I'm wit the gang so bitch you better run
If you ain't from the block, then bitch don't come
Bad lil bitch got me feeling like Digga
Pull out my dick on her breast imma bust
I'm from The Five man you know where we from
Sawn off the blick cos it was coming in long
I got the Power to turn a man into a Ghost cos I'm tapped in the head like Tom
Bad lil bitch yeh she brucking her back yeah she moving em hips when she playing my song
I'm in the whip with a fu*k off blade
Aye Luka let's smoke this cunt up in a bong

Hit up Rambo for em racks
I'm wit the gang we don't play just go look at the stats
Pray to God that you don't lack
The last opp we caught got chinged up and that n**** collapsed
Jump in the booth and I don't just rap
It's deeper than rap it's all straight facts
Put the red dot to his head, you think he an Indian but it's a beam from a gat

Bally on quick can't roll with no bitch,
So I put on my hood
Bally on quick can't roll with no bitch,
so I put on my hood

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