Lyrics Ezra Collective – Words By Steve

Steve: Absolutely absolutely, cause that's what it's all about.

Femi: Yeah man.

Steve: Cause there's no point coming to a party and you ain't got and you ain't got nothing to bring.

Femi: *laughs*

Steve: Don't come into the house, don't come into no ones house with two arms swinging boy.

Femi: Yeah

Steve: You best bring something. That's why Grandma said, my Grandma used to say to me don't come into no ones, her house with two arms swinging, come and bring something.

Femi: Amen

Steve: *chuckles*

Femi: Yeah we're just trying to bring joy, we're trying to bring good vibes [and] happiness all through the medium of swinging music. You know what I'm saying?

Steve: Absolutely and you succeed, you succeed. And my thing is it's about breaking through you know it's always been about breaking through. You know it's always you know if you talk about black music you'd talk about Charlie Parker, you'd talk about Sly Stone, you'd talk about whoever, you know. It's all about, it's all about breaking through, you know to get on to the other side.

Femi: Yeah.

Steve: And sometimes you have to build yourself up to get to it. It's all about the other side it's all about the unknown.

Femi: Yeah.

Steve: We're scientific, we're specific. You know.

Femi: Yeah 100%.

Steve: It's all about the unknown and then dealing in it and then working within the moment. You know.

Femi: Yeah

Steve: It's not about it's not about familiarity, it's about the unrecognisable but within the unrecognisable there is the familiar and somehow it's about how one deals with it within the moment. It's always about within the moment. I have no idea what I'm going to say right now. I have no idea what words are going to come out of my head.

Femi: *laughs*

Steve: I know I want a result but when I'm there, you're there, you gotta hold it. It's like a musician when you're there you're there, and then within that something happens to ya, whatever you want to call it.

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