Lyrics Ethel Cain – Famous last words (an ode to eaters)

My lips are still burnt from kissing your face
And feverish forehead, the blood that you waste
I'm tired of this, watching it wash out of you

I beg you to stay, just 'til tomorrow
I'll clean up the bathtub and we'll leave the state
Mouth open, silent and blue

And in the heat, it searched for you
You were the one I'd have starved with
'Til I can't hold out no more
You were the one I'd come looking for
Over and over and over again

Look at me baby, dead in my eyes
It's the end of our holiday, but it isn't goodbye
Carry me with you all of the time

Eat of me baby, skin to the bone
Body on body, until I'm all gone
But I'm with you, inside

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