Lyrics Duzzo Dave – No friends

Sittin wit my little mans tho (yo)
Thinking where did all my fans go (yo)
Got me trippin ion't dance tho
U ain't confident enough to hit tha dance floor
Coke bottle in my hands yo (yo)
I ain't fu*kin wit them cans yo (yo)
You be sipping on that amstel light
Ya fu*kin tee cost more than my vans tho why u hype
Why you wit it
Why u think u fu*kin wit it
U all hype ain't original jus wear a fitted
Why you got that stussy on ya brain but u ain't thinking wit it
Ayo chill this that --- ion't care who fu*kin did it
I be 9-5 laid up wit
Chillen wit a girl she forgot her make-up kit
Like, leave dat shit at home cuz i ain't wit da fu*k shit
Yo little brother wallin cuz he rocking truck fit
And my sister got some booty shorts up in the function
Rest in peace to dre because i really loved him
He was on his own shit that's why i trust him
We ain't worried bout nothin ayo we really just win
And my homeboy got style
And my girl too she killin em. she be in da daylight, lights out
And i be fresh because i'm nice now
Thinking bout tha day where i don't worry bout the price now

Got me like woah (gimme doe, gimme doe)
My fans don't love me anymo i be (woah, getting doe, getting doe)
I think they don't be fu*kin wit my flow
Got me (woah) i'm really (woah) really (woah)
I think they don't love me anymore
Wit my bro (getting doe, gimme doe)
And that's jus how tha thang go

Wit da pen i am picasso
Yeah i ride slow, dey don't gimme props tho
Dey don't gimme iPhone play they don't watch yo
They be only following them trends yo they not low
Doin me is such a lonely road
That's why i'm always doin me when i be home alone
I get played by these bitches then i put it in a song
Wit my 2 x'es like a chromosome
That's like picking who my worst favorite
Had a dream i was kissing on my 3rd grade bitch
Then she blew out all the candles on some birthday shit
Had me not wanting to wake up in the first place
Man i got the juice in me right now
They be tryna bring me down tho
They be like u cool but u don't got now
Fu*k it whippin with the top down
Wit a bad one licking on my ear like she hostile

See i'm just tryna get away from you
How do i do my thing i'm tryna get away
I think i suspended my stay with you
I think i did forgive me i ain't even pay
I got some hoes back home just waiting for ur boy i know
And when i come back they like dave u ain't the boy i know
That's why i'm tryna get away
I know i'm talking to these girls i ain't hitting em tho
I know she worried yeah she called 5 minutes ago
That's why i'm tryna get away
Get away, get away-ay

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