Lyrics Digbar – 4 Big Guys

4 Big Guys, and they grab on my thighs
Blow up my guts like the Fourth of July
If they keep f**king my b*** then I might just cry
Poop and semen spraying on my eyes
He lick my d**k and the c*m start sprayin'
Chargin' up my d**k ima go super saiyan
When it come to f**king booty I don't do much playin'
And I whispered in his ear like, "Hey, are you staying?"
He said, "Yeah I'm not leaving." I guess he George Floyd
Cause I always leave him not breathing
He chew on my d**k like a baby that's teething
I'm f**king a n***a I think his name Steven
Hawking, f**k him till he ain't walking
D**k stone cold call him BBC Austin
It's a booty ma**acre when I visit him in Boston
Bought him nеw t**ties I don't care what they costin'
B*t*h, hop on thе d**k do a split
Shout out Lil Baby my d**k is as real as it gets
I'm not f**king on him if he don't have t**s
I'm catching his balls like my name Kyle Pitts
There's 4 Big Guys
They're grabbing on my thighs
They blow my guts up, like the Fourth of July
If he keep f**king my b*** then I might cry
There's poop and semen spraying on my eyes
Yes sir that is a fact though
Take out my d**k and slip it in his a**hole
Swinging my d**k through the air like a la**o
Paintin' his face like I'm Pablo Pica**o
"uh"But I'm not a very good artist
F**k on him good until that n***a farted
Planted my seeds in his a** like a garden
The way I play with balls you should call me James Harden
Yeah, DigBar is elite
There's 4 Big Guys and I'm taking their meat
I eat the boys b*** and I chase it with skeet
I charge for booty I promise DigBar isn't cheap
And I count dudes when I sleep, not sheep
Get up in my sheets and I'm beating on my meat
We got 4 Big Guys
And they grab on my thighs
And they gon bust on my eyes

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