Lyrics David Crosby – Sky Trails

The dream fades
And I'm lying awake
Before I open my eyes, tryin' to picture where I'll be
Uncharted sea
Am I close to the breakers?
It's time to get out bed
But my heart won't follow me

It's funny I don't even know what city I am in
Or what time it is where I am or where you are
My only constancy is you're the one
Who feels like home to me
So why was I so careless with your heart?

Before I brave the hall
I try to write you a letter
And watch the cursor keep time until I have to go
As I rush out I glance in the mirror
To find a creature waiting to climb to the light
Where she belongs

Like scorpions in amber
Or the sparks above the campfire
Dances underneath a rare blood moon

Spinning there and barefoot
Shadowed by the blazes cast
And dancing out their hearts into the sky

Sky trails
The sky fails
To tell me where I am
Please tell me where I am
Tell me

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