Lyrics Corey Harper – Vulnerable In The Sky

talking out in the rain 
now there calling my name 
the way that i’m feeling tonight 
is too much to take 

falling asleep on the plane cause I’ve 
already drank all the shots that they gave 
so how am i suppose to get high when 
i don’t feel a thing 

and right as they’re starting to turn on the seatbelt sign 
i look to the clouds and i feel like i might start to cry 
and i close my eyes , as I recline 
cause i know im not crossing your mind 
so why am i always so vulnerable in the sky 

walking , walking to my next connection 
to the city that she liked to mention 
made her think of me 

i’m feeling , feeling like i should have called her 
while i’m watching the buildings get smaller 
with my face pressed against the glass

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