Lyrics Corey Harper – The Side of Me

do you think we’ll ever be friends  
i know you’re sick of me calling again but i  
just need to know when i should come and get my stuff  

tell me what you want to keep for yourself  
can i have the picture of us that you broke on the shelf  
i love the way that you look in that shirt  

do you think ill see you again?  
and maybe if i stop the bleeding by then  
i’ll let you cut me one more time  
and maybe it’s because i didn’t feel like myself  
i gave you everything but i never asked for your help  
and all i did was make it worse  

i’m only trying to do , what i know how to  
and even though i couldn’t leave you better than i found you  

i hope that you still see the side  
of me that you used to like 
i know , it’s hard sometimes  
and maybe in a different life 
i’ll tell you that you were the love of mine  
and i’ll take my time , to say goodbye  

to say goodbye  
to say goodbye  
to say goodbye

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