Lyrics Coco Jones – Headline

Tryna be slick
better watch your step
I’m a land mine
You don’t wanna see my bad side
You gon’ end up as a headline

I know you see me all pretty but boy I got a bad side
This ain’t funny this ain’t satire
You gon end up as a headline
If you catch me me on my Bad side

You must think that I’m stupid
I know what you been doing
Got your location I know you where you at
Said you chilling with your homies that’s cap
And I know who you been Screwing
…Why you acting nervous?
…Really hope she worth it

What you doing ain’t news
I ain’t no fool
I been ahead of you
Said you still love me like you used to
I ain’t no fool
I ain’t no fool

Still move how you move and I hate it
You full of it I’m out of patience
Your actions don’t equal your phrasing
I’ll take you out of the equation

You the reasons it won’t last
You can’t keep it your pants
And Hold me down like a real man
I already know

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