Lyrics Coco Jones – Double Back

Wishing I never found
You got thing about you
Can't escape

When I run out of choices
Can't fight

Yea I've tried other sources
Don't know why all the courses
Lead to you

Is it true
When they say
You know
When it's right

Maybe this if a sign
Cause I'm always
So unsure
Back and forth
Can't make up my mind
Caught in between
Maybe it's me

I'm thinking
How come every time I leave
I can't stay gone long
And then it's me to double back like please
Tell me you still want me
(Gotta double back honey I'm home)

When it gets hard
I let it go
Sorry I'm so
I don't wanna regret this
Down the road

I was in my head shit was getting redundant
Wanted new stick something I could have fun with
I was impulsive
Tried to compare but you got it
I know where my home and my heart is

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