Lyrics Chronic Law – Rifle Life (feat. Templeboss)

A weh you know about rifle life
You feel don’t thing joke the litle nice
Can you mek 30 matik life up by to night
Can you find gated scheme when a time fi hide
Watch yeah rich badness millions rise
Dawys out regular civilian hide
Yte leff s street if you never in it long time
Yea you coulda live a brilliant life
But you say you tun badman now
Live like you get band from road
Dawgs dem a drop one one bro
Cyaa sleep wid the flashbacks now
You say you tun bad man now
Wah don’t roll a fiwi thing this tye gwaan back home
Ohhhhh Lordddddd
Dem yah road yah nuh casy nuh at all

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