Lyrics Bonnie Kemplay – Checkers

Sitting on the floor playing Chinese Checkers
We were in the summer house
Crawling at my skin like those Aaron-knit sweaters
You’re just talking at me now, I’ve got other things to think about

Always had my doubts
I’m so worn out

Sitting with a frog in between my fingers
I’ve realised that I’ve lost them all
Try to catch them up and fall
Looking at my scar when you mentioned dinner
‘What do you want to eat tonight?’
In a daze, I say ‘that’s fine’.

I know I’ll let you down
When you find out
I’m letting you go

The big boss writes about power
People used to say I look like her
It’s obvious I don’t wanna be here
Good thing I’m a maladaptive daydreamer
So I’ll take myself back to that summer
Playing checkers with my brother

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