Lyrics BEL – Until the Day

Life is at a stand-still
And you've got nowhere to run
And you can walk to keep your mind straight
You gotta move to avoid everyone

Everybody with somebody's someone
Everyone was someone's everything, hmm
Knowin' the day by the number of sirens
This is life, got a hundred thousand and risin'

Don't need no doctor president
Frankly, I'd settle for a friend
This autumn brings a needed change
God, I hope this season ends

Oh, it's a battle of the power hungry
And riskin' lives in the name money
Sabotagin', misadvisin'
This is life, got two hundred thousand and risin'

I'll bet I'll know he's there, we can lie
Live like there's no time to be silent
Shake up the ground 'til we feel the shift
How many headlines until it clicks?
Can't let this happen again
Anger is fuel but don't let it win
Make something out of it
I'm tired of seeing the same old news
So what do I have to do?
Woke up was numb in the hurricane
Sometimes I feel ashamed
It's not over until the day
We escape the hurricane
And all the damage and [?]
We have a choice to stop this rain

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