Lyrics Bankroll Freddie – Trap 2 Rap (Intro)

Lion in the jungle
N**** I’m a beast
Ion know too much
But I know one thing
That we gon eat

Matter of fact we feast
Breakfast supper
Lunch and dinner
P came and got me out the trap
He knew I was a real one

Who want smoke
I’ll kill them
Who want beef
We grill em
Paralyzed to the fuck n*****
No I don’t feel em

From Trap to Rap for real
I was cappin
I had my second deal
Like boy you gotta kill
You got a mill
You need to choose for real

Trappin or rappin
Rappin or packin
How bout I do some shows
And flip some package with the backend

Cause a million aint enough
I got five kids
They need they own
I never let them struggle
Let them do the shit they daddy did

Ima pave the way
Jordan fade away
I’m in the booth right now
But I done searched some J’s today
I got bills to pay
And them bitches aint gon pay theyself
And I be damned I let a label put me a shelf
Im talkin hit after hit
That boy he don’t miss
Ay when I dropped that Add it up
They like who made em pissed?
Man I wasn’t even pissed
Had to let these n***** know
Who a really have that shit
I make them bitches check the score
(Add it up)
Trap 2

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