Lyrics Alexander Pappas – HIGH HOPES

I dunno where to start
But my momma always said
You just gotta do your best

I got lost ‘long the way
Felt the weight of my mistakes
Thought my heart was gonna break

Oh Misery loves company
But Your intentions have more for me
I’ll take it
And I won’t doubt it

I got high hopes that the best is up ahead
I’m gonna dream again
Chasing Your promises
Because I know You’ll be waiting round the bend
Nothing to second guess
There's nothing to lose
I’ve got high hopes

Looking out there's a glow
A horizon in the dawn
Like I’ve never seen before
And I don’t know what the future holds
But You’re the one who holds it all
So I’ll go anywhere You call

When the clouds won’t clear in front of me
You’re the air I need to breath
Oh I know I
Found a courage that could split the sea
A million reasons to believe
Oh I know I
Oh I know I

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