Lyrics Alda Sky – Disconnect

The more I sought out desire
The more my dreams move out of reach
The more I drift, I disconnect
Take me down a road less gone
How long before this song repeats
It feels like gravity
The more days pass, the more that I drift
I’m disconnected

I’m so fu*kin’ weak inside
Memory fades
My life’s been so compromised 
Sink down
Lost it all in the clouds
Of distant disorient 
Deep down
Closin’ my eyes
It blinds me from reality
Deep down
Drift through the lost plateau 
Can’t love you? Fu*k no 
I can’t even love me

So I’ve been told
You won’t make it on your own
How long can I be kept out in the cold

Please take me away where I belong
The ones I’ve lost
I can’t love you in this condition 
No Rest in Peace

I’m falling too far
I can’t grip the handle
Hold for dear life
Forget second chances 
I can’t change my mind
Distance is solace
Hold for dear life
No second chance

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