Lyrics 38 Spesh – TWO 23's

(La Musica de Harry Fraud)

Ayo, in the pens, I never stressed visits
I know n***** that was facing the death sentence in the best spirits
Big gate circle this prime real estate, and Inmates the best tenants
My n***** lets finish
The wrong friendships set limits, you expect growth when a yes man is your best critic?
I could lose it all and just get it
We value money different, cause you gotta buy your respect with it
Huh, you start selling white and became the best
You n***** ain't the same as Spesh
I never send bricks twice to the same address
I might take a L on the squares, like a knight in a game of Chess
I learned from Og's and vets, the quietest in the room might just be the connect
I took footnotes, and I repeated the steps
Somehow ended up with both feet on they necks
N*****, and I'm standing here aggressively
Like, don't question me, bullets in your head, open sesame
I don't need them folks to invest in me
Never let a n**** be the controller of your destiny

Brody in his cell, prayer rug, and his holy Quran
They let Cutter out of the pen, and he coming home to a Don
Killer Tone still be on go with his pole in his palm
I'm talking 223's, thats Jordan Lebron
In the booth, like under my shirt I'm hoarding a bomb
Know some n***** that will kick your door, and torture your mom
The Universe be talking, but you n***** ignoring the signs
N***** forty, but they still say the boy in his prime
Pull up rocking boutique drip from a store in Milan
Put that on yours and mine
They creating narratives, but never do the stories align
I ain't on your top five list, then that's surely a crime
Move the bricks, wash the money thru my shorties salon
Got the shit on, my Tux be Victoria designed
Hop out the truck, I got my hand on my forty, I'm crying
Im saying, talk to em king

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