Lyrics 38 Spesh – SAL's PIZZA

(La Musica de Harry Fraud)

I'm the one to blow a hound chase, ain't believe in God till I caught a charge
Then I found faith
I had wild base, I do the right thing, the shop I set up was on fire like Sal's
Don't give a fuck what you clowns think, if you re-ing up with less than a buck
Stay in a child's place
Snitches gonna get they mouths taped, I told my n**** I get rid of the witness before the trial
You been grinding for a while aye?
They keeping gates at the top of the steps like they child safe
That's 500 thou. date, we both pulled up with Lams on the side, like a Halal plate
The reason Tony gunned down Frank, I gave so many loans that they know me as the town
38 a underground saint, in a blank, I throw a pie in your face like a clown prank

Now Rochester was my birthplace, I moved out cause home is where you receive the worst
Now Chili Ave. was the first place, you know the first place I turned my bitches kitchen
Into a work space
I swear to God I had a line outside, so many bricks in the house I had to climb outside
You spent time on the couch, I spent time outside
Rob me, and get killed before they find out why
Huh, n**** I turn your white house to a red house, before you shoot that bitch up
Do a headcount
I told a bitch, if you ain't got bread, bounce
Tired of fucking hoes on sheets with low thread counts
Huh, the lifestyle really attractive, I made a lot of money, now I'm clearly inactive
Now I spend a lot of money yearly in taxes, and a lot of n***** fear me in rapping
I'm here n*****, trust

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